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From: April Sims (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 08:14:35 CDT

Thanks to the following: Mohammed Alshammari, Anthony David, Mike Evans,, Steve Beuttel, Roger Leonard,
Gary Jenson, Ted Backherms, Greg Polanski,
Special thanks to those that had additional information: Andrew Sit, David
Evans, Michael DeSimone, Chad Graham, Mohammed Shaghel and Bill Bartlett.

The key ingredients to making this work correctly. ifconfig el0 unplumb,
plumb command......see Andrew's steps at the bottom.
Also there was an additional information that Roger Leonard included about
creating /etc/hostname.el0
The last email that was received this morning was the hint about the route
problem....Bill was the only one that mentioned that.
I added the route manually with the following: route add -net 150.252

Some of the answers that were especially helpful I included below. Thanks
again. It works great. Now that I have also
found out the ip address and netmask disappears on reboot, I have a script
put in my rc files.

Original question:
> Hello everyone,
> This has several people stumped so I am not too embarrassed to ask this
> question. What is the correct syntax of ifconfig? We are trying to add an
> Fore PCI SB-200E ATM interface to a E450, Solaris 7 11/99 version.
> The way we are entering commands is:
> ifconfig el0 ipaddress netmaskaddress
> ifconfig el0 down
> ifconfig el0 up
> The following output is result of that command.
> netstat -nr
> Routing Table:
> Destination Gateway Flags Ref Use Interface
> -------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ------ ---------
> UH 2 0 el0
> U 3 228 hme0
> U 3 0 hme0
> UH 0 15887 lo0
># ifconfig -a
> lo0: flags=849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 8232
> inet netmask ff000000
> inet netmask fffff800 broadcast
> ether 8:0:20:c4:b0:d8
> fa0: flags=842<BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 9188
> inet netmask 0
> ether 0:20:48:8:16:60
> el0: flags=851<UP,POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
> inet --> netmask 96fca000
> ether 0:20:48:8:16:60
> We have also tried:
> ifconfig el0 ipaddress
> ifconfig el0 netmask netmaskaddress broadcast broadcastaddress
> but an error always comes back and says bad address.
> Thanks for any help.
the easiest way to do this is to create a /etc/hostname.el0 file containing
the name of your machine and then update your hosts file appropriately and
then reboot. this is assuming that you already ran the
/opt/FOREatm/bin/configure_atm script to set up the LAN emulation
client. Roger Leonard

>I'm curious to know if you have some sort of special routes planned for the
>subnet that your new interface is on. What seems to be the problem is
>that the
>ip address you've assigned the card doesn't have any sort of route to get to
>the rest of the net, thus ifconfig is whining. I could be totally wrong here,
>but in my expierence in setting up new NICs, if I don't have it's route setup
>properly, and try to add the ip address to the NIC, it does exactly what
>saying happens here, ifconfig complains about bad address.
> From the information you've given, it looks like your el0 is on a different
>subnet that the rest o fthe interfaces, and also from the looks of the routing
>table, there isn't a route set for this subnet. (again, I could be just
>blowing smoke here, just from my perspective, this is how I see the problem.)
>If this were me in the same situation, I'd try setting a proper route for el0,
>so it (in theory) would be able to communicate to the rest of your lan.
>If any of this jibberish makes sense to you, I hope it helps, and if you
>perhaps need a little more explanation, or want to let me know how retarded I
>sound, let me know either way.
> Thanks for your time,
> -Bill Bartlett
>PS: I did see the route that is given to el0, however it looks like
>you've set
> it up incorrectly, so above I just said that there was no route to that
> device.


     you probably need to unplumb/plumb before entering network info.

try this:

ifconfig el0 unplumb
ifconfig el0 plumb
ifconfig el0 netmask <insert_netmask> broadcast <insert
broadcast> up

That should do the trick.

Andy (Andrew Sit)

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