Other Solaris lists and summary request

From: Christopher Robert Woods (woodsch@forum-financial.com)
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 07:14:28 CDT

Hello all. Been lurking for a little bit. Have 2 questions for
you guys.

#1 - I recently have been converted to Solaris from linux, and have a lot
of basic user level questions that I don't think are appropriate to this
list. Could anyone suggest other Solaris lists that might deal more with
higher level questions? (ie - The tool bar keeps unpromoting an icon from
the front panel, etc)

#2 - A couple of days ago Raptor posted a message with several questions
in it, one of them was how to setup CDE to allow you to switch from X to a
virtual terminal like linux does with the Ctrl+Alt+Fx combos. I never saw
a summary on that question, but if anyone would be kind enough to let me
know how to do that, I would sincerely appreciate it.


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