SUMMARY 2: Solstice DiskSuite for Solaris 8

From: Jaewan Kim (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 19:26:04 CDT

I received a correct answer within 10 minutes.
Again the answer is
"It is on the CD #2 of 2 under Solaris_8/EA directory."

I rely on this list more than Sun support desk.
There was a Sun SSE on site who had someone from Sun ES on the phone for 30
minutes before telling me that
"You can use SDS 4.2 from Solaris 7 server package."

There were some answers quite off the mark.
I still appreciate the spirit of those who tried to help, and this comment
is by no means to discourage active participations by the list subscribers.
However, incorrect answers can make people run circles.

Following is a list of some of the incorrect ones.
"As far as I know Disk Suite is pretty much a discontinued item.."
"Bonus package has all the software."
"It is in the CD 1 of 2 of solaris install."
"SDS is a separate product"

I for one try not to answer questions I am not very certain about, and I
think it will be beneficial to the list that everyone used a bit more
caution when extending helping hands.

Again, my only intention is to make the list easier to sort through, and by
no means I meant to discourage people from helping each other.

Jaewan Kim

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