SUMMARY: jammed DDS tape drive

From: Seth Rothenberg (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 08:13:00 CDT

I am just summarizing a question I didn't actually ask on the list yet.....

Q: Over the past two years, I have replaced several tape drives on our SS1000E,
      when the tape would not eject. Why?

A: because you need to use the right tape.

On April 17, I got a report that the tape would not eject.
I changed the procedure to use a different tape drive,
awaiting scheduled downtime....

On May 23, the tape ejected itself.

The tape that had been stuck - it turns out was a DDS-3 tape.
Although the DDS-3 tapes work sometimes, it is not always the case.
I searched the tape library and found several other tapes
(among the 30 * 2/system *2 systems) that are DDS-3's which did
not have a problem.

I hope this eliminates a mystery....

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