[SUMMARY]: resolve.conf does not search/nslookup doesn't resolve

From: sajan s (s_sajan@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 23:51:51 CDT

Thanks to all responded especially
Zulkarnain Dahalan
Sean Quaint
Sean Harding

Actual posting:

> I am facing a problem on my SS10 - solaris 2.5.1. The machine is on
> internet and is our mail server.
> I have following entries in /etc/resolv.conf
> domain rri.res.in
> search rri.res.in rri.ernet.in my.local.net
> nameserver
> nameserver
> nameserver
> first two nameservers are in the internet while the third is
> internal.
> If I run nslookup , I get error as:
> nslookup
> Default Server: localhost
> Address:
> > set type=ns
> > my.local.net
> Server: localhost
> Address:
> *** localhost can't find Non-existent host/domain
> >
> I am able to ping to any machine with Ip addr on the my.local.net ie.
> routing is okey.
> I want to set up a mail server in the my.local.net internal domain to
> segregate internal and external mails. My main mail server will
> communicate to the internal machine if I add its IP in local host
> table.
> It fails to communicate if the internet link goes down. I tried
> putting
> nsswitch.conf as "files nisplus dns" , but in vain. I feel the latter
> mail problem can be resolved if the first problem is rectified.

There was some DNS understanding problem. I forgot mention that my
local host is in the internet and also the DNS server for this domain.

Few points :
1. The domain and search directives are mutually exclusive in
resolv.conf. The first one seen is the one used (tnx Sean Quaint and
Dahalan )
2. The resolverdoesn't go through every server in the resolv.conf until
it gets an answer it likes; it gets an answer (non-existant
host/domain) from the first serverin the list and is finished. The only
reason it would go to the next serveris if the first one didn't answer
at all. (tnx Sean Harding)

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