SUMMARY: Sun "MAC" Address vs PC "MAC" Address.

From: James Nykiel (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 21:12:52 CDT


I recently posted the following question to the Sun Manager Mailing List:


I am attempting to configure something referred to as "MediaOne Home
Networking" for a client, basically this allows the client to connect
multiple machines via one cable modem connection (one NIC per machine!) to
the Internet.

The ISP has requested the Ethernet Adapter addresses for all the machines in
question, which I have submitted the following:

The Ethernet card in the NT Server has the following (Physical Address. . .
. . . : 00-00-94-B6-65-51) and the Ethernet card in the SPARCstation has the
following (Physical Address. . . . . . : 8:0:20:7d:db:a6).

The ISP responded with the following statement "Unfortunately, you have sent
in an Ethernet Adapter address that is missing 2 characters.", this is
apparently the SPARCstation's!.

Why was the SPARCstation's Ethernet Adapter address rejected, is the
Ethernet addressing scheme not the same for PC and SUN hardware, also is
there a resolution to this issue other than popping a second NIC in one of
the machines.


I have received an overwhelming number of responses to this question which
turns out to have a rather simple solution which I though the ISP should
have identified in the first place.

All that needed to be done is to add leading zeros to pad out the first two
fields so instead of trying to use 8:0:20:7d:db:a6 they would use

Thank you...

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