Summary: Incorrect System Identification

From: William Kuderka (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 09:13:23 CDT

Thanks to Leonid Massarsky, Aaron Krongard, Brian Scanlan, Dave Romanowski, Dave
Foster, Scott Kulp, Miller Sutfin, Mike Almedia, Mike Allmen, and Casper Dik.

---- my orginal question ----

I recently installed Solaris 2.7 on a new Enterprise 220R server. The OBP banner
message indicates the system is a "Sun Enterprise 220R". Once the OS is up and
running, output from the uname -i command indicates the system is a "
SUNW,Ultra-60". Where would the OS get this incorrect information? During an
OBP upgrade, the install utility indicated that the "enclosure-type" and
"banner-name" information was being reset. Does the OS use this information to
determine the system architecture? Can anyone with an E220R tell me the correct
setting for "enclosure-type" and "banner-name"?

---- the answer ----

The Enterprise 220R uses the same system board as an Ultra 60. For that reason,
uname -i will report an E220R to be a Ultra 60. Aaron sent me the following
commands to set the firmware variables for an E220R back to their original
settings after an OBP upgrade, but this has no effect on the uname output.

> eeprom pcia-probe-list=1,2
> eeprom enclosure-type=540-4284
> eeprom banner-name="Sun Enterprise 220R"
> eeprom energystar-enabled?=false

Thanks again to all who replied.

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