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Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 06:47:21 CDT

Hi Admins,

I got a lot of answers thank you very much to : Chan
Cao, Brad Young, Renny Koshy, John Malick, Dave
McFerren, Vinnie German, Rahul Roy, Lew Teck Kheng,
Stephen Harris, Bertrand Hutin.

My original post was:
Hi Admins,

On a Solaris2.6 machine, we can see that in
the/etc/inittab file :

I would like to be able to kill this process from a
script file. But because of "respawn" it is not

My question is, is it possible to kill this process,
with a command or something like that, without
modifying the /etc/inittab file ?
Does someone know the answer ?
Please I need your help.


The quickest solution for me was to rename or remove
the /etc/inittab and to force initd to re-read with
kill -1 1 or init q, as most of you suggested.


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