SUMMARY: Rhosts and Hosts.equiv

From: Atmane Alouache (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 06:30:42 CDT

Hi Admins,

I received so much answers to my question.
This mailing list is really GREAT.
I thank all of you who responded :
Jeff Kennedy, Peter Perfetti, David Foster, Dave
Romanowski, Richard Felkins, Dan, Buddy Lumpkin,
Michael Arndt, holmesa, Sam Mabjish, Melissa Brown,
Nathan Dietsch, Anthony David.

My original post was:
Hi Admins,

This is my problem, I would like to do a rsh as root
between 2 machines.I modified the /etc/default/login
(#CONSOLE=/dev/console), and created a .rhosts fileand
even a hosts.equiv
But it still does not work.Actually the message "Not
on system console,connection closed" is displayed.
I can't figure out !
Is there another config file I have to modify ?
Could you please help me it is an emergency.

Best regards

Hi Admins,

Actually, the problem was with /etc/default/login. I
commented out the line
CONSOLE=/dev/console, but it still did not work.
I checked all the file and I found several lines

Several of you said that I should not do this for
security reasons.
I quite agree, but I only wanted to use the "dd"
command between remote systems to duplicate disks and
I needed to use rsh.

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