[SUMMARY] Wheres the space??

From: F.M. Taylor (root@uranium.indstate.edu)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 15:52:24 CDT

Thanks to:
Rahul Roy
Matt Reynolds
Andrew Sit
Brown, Melissa
Otto, Doug
Hendrik Visage
Lynn Schaper
Christopher Callahan
Zimmerman, Jim
Dan Brown
Michael Galloway
and anyone else I missed.

While a few explained the usage of du, a few told me to look in the
tmp and sadm directories, and a couple explained the proper way to zero
out a file without deleting it, a greater percentage hit it on the head,
use lsof to look for open files that you have deleted. I found three perl
scripts all trying to keep open different versions of the same file. Once
they were all killed the usage dropped to 2%

I guess it was a no brainer. Original message follows.

Sorry if this is a no-brainer. I thinkk I am too close to the problem.

/var on one of my systems is kicking off alarms because of disk space.
Here is what I know

df -k

Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s3 577286 497016 22542 96% /var

du -k /var
6268 /var

I have looked in every directory under var and cannot determine where the
space is being used.


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