SUMMARY: DD across network

From: Santimore, Matthew (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 11:21:40 CDT

All thanks to everyone who replied.

although It seemed like an easy problem , I assure you it wasn't.
The majority of answers pointed out that I was missing the second dd on the
remote system. Told you I was having a brain fart.

But none of the answers seemed to work. I've tried dd with no bs, I've
dd with block size as high as 1024. I've tried tar , tar + dd , cpio,
till Mr. Danny Johnson replied with the following

dd if=/dev/rmt0 | rsh <remote_host> dd of=/dev/rmt0

you also really need to add a "bs" argument of some kind, e.g.

dd if=/dev/rmt0 bs=10k | rsh <remote_host> dd of=/dev/rmt0 bs=10k

I don't think you will be able to get records larger than 10k
through a pipe anyway.

 the above was key. I figured why not try it you've tried everyone else's
and I'm happy to say it seems to work. so 10 k was the ticket.

Thanks Danny

Original Post

> Would someone pass along the correct syntax to dd from tape to tape across
> the network
> I'm having a brain fart
> trying
> dd if=/dev/rmt0 | rsh <remote_host> of=/dev/rmt0
> matt

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