SUMMARY: Problem with NIS/Automount

From: Atmane Alouache (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 06:42:51 CDT


Another answer received yesterday from Eirh-Yu Hsie.
Thank you guy.

Hi Admins,

On our NIS server, one of the automount maps holds
this line :
/files -ro,soft,intr

The aim of this is to ensure the mount point "/files"
will be always available if hostA goes down.
Actually, if hostA goes down, hostB should take over.
But when hostA is down it does not work and the
message "Stale NFS file handle" is displayed.
Does someone understand this problem ?



You did not mention which OS are you running under.
If you are running 2.7,
using :/files -ro hostA(1),hostB(3):/export/files
should get what you want. Why do you need "soft"
option?If you type % df -k
in the client machine, you should see:
/files ........ hostA, hostB:
Both host names are listed.
If hostA goes down, you should see the following
messages from you
/var/adm/mesages file:
DATE... client unix: NOTICE: NFS: failing over from
hostA to hostB
Hope this help.


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