SUMMARY:Documenting tool for Solaris servers

From: Mohammed Alshammari (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 05:10:07 CDT

Thanks to :
Don Cary Grant <> (Marz Consulting Inc. (Steve Maher)
Greg Mushen <>
"Z.K. Zachariah" <>
"Alex Natautama" <>

My orgenal post was
> Hi every one ,
> I've just start my new job in very complicated Environment

> we have Sun E10K, 450s, U30s, U10s, Storage arrays, backup

> jukeboxes and so many work stations along with Cisco
> routers and switches , in other word we have everything
> work as main ISP for other ISPs and we are using Solaris
> 2.6.
> My problem is that we have very poor documentation system
> for me to understand some Server job I have to dig inside
> for day or two , for saving my time I've decided to
> every thing we have so I don't need to dig every time I
> something , so can some one help me and direct me to a
> good documenting tool or can tell me what need to be
> documented and what don't .
> Any help will be appreciated and I will summarize

the recommendations was to use either
SysInfo witch can be found in
or to use Sun Explorer package from sun ( sorry i am did not
find it's URL yet ).
some recommend some good tools for indexing your web server
but that was not my question !
All agree that Documenting severs is good idea but it is
time consuming if your environment changes often! and for
sure some day you will benefit from it , there are so many
things needed to be documented in Solaris serves like job of
the server, OS certainly used, vendor, model, physical
configuration , memory, controllers, disks, os level, list
of patches, tape drives, third party software, databases and
what they are used for, general users, users who have change
sign-off authority, software and
hardware contractors and I hardly recommend that you have a
log book for every server and your task-force contact
information in hard-copy format along with emergence
procedures in case you are not near your site.
Thanks again

Mohammed S Alshammari

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