SUMMARY: Problem with NIS/Automount

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Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 14:18:31 CDT

Hi Admins,

I also received this answer from Arthur Darren Dunham
Thank you guy.

My original post was :
Hi Admins,

On our NIS server, one of the automount maps holds>
this line :
/files -ro,soft,intr
The aim of this is to ensure the mount point "/files"
will be always available if hostA goes down.
Actually, if hostA goes down, hostB should take over.
But when hostA is down it does not work and the
message "Stale NFS file handle" is displayed.

Does someone understand this problem ?


Answers :

None of your respondents addressed the man page for
automount. The man page appears to contradict them in
saying that with the -ro mount, it *will* try other
servers. I haven't tried this myself and cannot offer
you advice, but the responses you've posted don't seem
adequate. You might want to keeplooking.
Good Luck.
     If the read-only flag is set in the map entry,
automount mounts a list of locations that the kernel
may use, sorted by several criteria. When a server
does not respond, the kernel will switch to an
alternate server. The sort ordering of automount
is used to determine how the next server is chosen. If
the read-only flag is not set, automount will mount
the best single location, chosen by the same sort
ordering, and new servers will only be chosen when an
unmount has been possible, and a remount is done.
--end excerpt

Arthur Darren Dunham


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