SUMMARY: Problem with NIS/Automount

From: Atmane Alouache (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 12:09:39 CDT

Hi Admins,

This is the summary to the question I asked.
And I would like to thank for their help :
Stefan Voss
Ken Robson
Carsten B. Knudsen

My original post was :
Hi Admins,

On our NIS server, one of the automount maps holds
this line :
/files -ro,soft,intr hostA(1),hostB(3):/export/files

The aim of this is to ensure the mount point "/files"
will be always available if hostA goes down.

Actually, if hostA goes down, hostB should take over.
But when hostA is down it does not work and the
message "Stale NFS file handle" is displayed.

Does someone understand this problem ?


Answers :

the book "managing NFS and NIS" by Hal Styern
(O'Reilley) says this about replicated servers:
Note that there is no dynamic load balancing.
Once a client performs a mount from a server, it
continues to use that server until it unmounts the
It cannot choose a different server before unmounting
its first choice.
(Chapter 13: The Automounter, Advanced Map Tricks,
Replicated Servers, p. 345 in the 1st
editition).I think, this explains your problem.

Stefan Voss


Yes, this only works for fresh mounts, machines that already have the filesystem mounted have implicit references to the first server.

Ken Robson ---

Hi Atmane,

Actually, it only means that *new* mounts will be from hostB if hostA isdown; machines that have /files mounted when hostA dies will not try to remount from hostB.


Carsten B. Knudsen ---

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