SUMMARY: DDS2 vs DDS3 tapes

From: Caleb A Warner (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 17:16:20 CDT

Thanks for the information, everybody pretty much agreed that as long
as I use the 120M tapes the DDS3 should automatically recognize that as
a DDS2 tape and write in the proper format. The relationship between
tape length and DDS format is as follows:

                   LENGTH (meters) CAPACITY (Gb) W/COMPRESSION (Gb)
     Single drives:

     DDS-1 60 1.3 2.6

     DDS-DC 90 2 5

     DDS-2 120 4 8

     DDS-3 125 12 24

     DDS-4 150 20 40


Finally, someone pointed me towards the and suggested
searching for DDS since they make the DDS3 and DDS4 tape drives that Sun

Thanks to:

Roger Fujii
Brad Larden
Charlie Giannetto
James R Grinter
David Stern
Nabeel Ahmed
Anita A. Myles
Peter Keating
Christian Haul
George DONE
Dave Mitchell
Daniel Wilkinson

Caleb Warner
Raytheon Company
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