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From: Mike DeMarco (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 08:33:32 CDT

I only had one response with no fix found!

Thanks for trying go to
David Evans.

Original posting:

        I am in need of a Makefile guru!
        I am modifying the /var/yp/Makefile to be able to handle maps for
multiple domains. With the modifications the admin would type
        make DOM=name.of.some.domain map-name
This would make the map for the called out domain. I would also like to have
        make DOM=all map-name
This would make the map for all domains.

I currently have the .INIT target defined for a usage check ie. .INIT: usage
where I check to see if the admin has defined DOM on the command line.

Here is the problem:

Inside of the usage: Definition I check to see if DOM=all and if it does
I would like to be able to call a make of the defined map for each domain
found, but inside of the usage: Definition I can no longer tell what map I
was making!

ie. make DOM=all ethers

-@if [ $(DOM) = "" ]; then \
        echo "USAGE: make DOM=<domainname> <mapname>"; \
        ( echo "\n\nNIS: make terminated:"; kill -TERM 0 ) \
  elif [ $(DOM) = "all" ]; then \
        #####> at this point I need to know what the command <####
        #####> line argument was ie. in this case ethers <####
        #####> $${@F} ${*F} $@ $$@ $* all return usage not ethers. <####
How can I get the mapname?

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