SUMMARY: custom jumpstart question

From: Michael Lightfoot (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 15:54:47 CDT

Thanks to all who provided advice. By running format and re-labeling the
disk with the old partition info, I was able to recover my data.

Thanks to : Matthew Santimore
                David Evans
                Kevin Colagio
                Duncan Phillips
                Dan Brown
                Aaron Krongard
                Darren Dunham
                Bruce Zimmer

all of whom provided similar advice.


Michael Lightfoot wrote:

> My question is regarding the state of filesystems during a Jumpstart
> Install. I was attempting to perform an initial install using custom
> jumpstart. The install began, and created a new filesystem on slices 0
> and 1. I then halted the install, because some data on slice 7 needs to
> be preserved. However, I am unable to access the slice.
> Whenever I try to mount the filesystem, I get the message
> mount: /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s7 is not this fstype.
> This message persists, regardless of options I pass to mount.
> Is there a way to recover this data, or was is wiped when the jumpstart
> began?
> Your help is most appreciated.
> --------------------------------
> Michael A. Lightfoot
> Unix Systems Administrator
> LinCom Corporation

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