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From: David Stern (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 09:55:12 CDT

>Anyone have any experience setting up a print filter on Solaris 2.6
>for a remote printer? Can this in fact be done or must the printer
>be local in order to associate a filter with it?
>I created a script which does nothing more than cat some postscript
>code then cat - the file to be printed. I can
> cat|/etc/lp/filters/mfilter|lp -dsomeprinter so the filter works.
>I then register the filter (create /etc/lp/fd/myfilter.fd
>Contents are:
> Input types: any
> Output types: myfilter
> Printer types: any
> Filter type: fast
> Command: /etc/lp/filters/myfilter
>cd /usr/share/lib/terminfo/P; infocmp PS>/tmp/myfilter, edit it to look like:
> # Reconstructed via infocmp from file: /usr/share/lib/terminfo/P/PS
> myfilter|Fake PostScript entry,
> cpi=null, csnm=^D, lpi=null, scs=^D, slines=^D, u9=^D,
>run tic:
> tic /tmp/myfilter
>At this point, I can either create the printer with admintool (pointing to
>the remote printer as the server) and then
> lpadmin -pnewprinter -Tmyfilter -Iany
> or
>rather than make it with admintool, make it with lpadmin:
> lpadmin -pnewprinter -o protocol=bsd,dest= -Tmyfilter -I any
> -v /dev/null -i /etc/lp/filters/myfilter
>The former will complain that I'm missing either -v or -U. The latter will
>make the printer appear local rather than remote but have the filter
>associated with it.

Thanks to
Mark Hargrave <> and
Pat Hooper <>

After much banging I figured a hack.
I don't need to register any filters.
Create the que:
lpadmin -pwhatever -o protocol=bsd,dest= -T PS -I postscript \
  -v /dev/null -i /usr/lib/spool/lp/model/netstandard
enable whatever
accept whatver

The netstandard template is copied to /etc/lp/interfaces and renamed.
I editted/hacked this hardcoding my filter into the case statement for $TERM.

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