SUMMARY: Solaris 8 printing problem

From: John Malick (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 08:32:36 CDT

Sadly, for the first time, I received no answers from the Sun list. I can only
assume that this is a fairly new issue.

After tracking the problem a little more, see original problem below, I notice
that the /var/saf/tcp/log file on the print server was reporting the following:

05/15/00 17:32:29; 505; Connect: fd 6, svctag lpd, seq 189, type passfd
05/15/00 17:32:29; 505; Open failed: /var/spool/lp/fifos/listenBSD

Therefore I checked the /var/spool/lp/fifos directory for listenBSD and behold
it did not exist. I had to manually create and reboot so the SAC would see the
appropriate FIFO entry.

The curious thing though is why were'nt all the necessary files created when
setting up a print queue on the server?

In any case, problem solved and I hope this summary saves others time that I
wasted trying to figure this out.

Original Message::::::

I can't figure this one out; as simple as it should be.

I have a Solaris 8 server and client, both Ultra 10's. I set up a local printer
on the server and the server prints fine as well as a pc on the network via
pcnfsd that is also working fine.

Now I've been doing this for a long time and setting up a Solaris client to
print to a printer attached to another Solaris machine has been simple.

Using printmgr or lpadmin command line I get the same results. The job queues up
on the client but never comes across to the server. The lpstat shows the

printer ti unknown state. enabled since May 15 15:57 2000. available.

This unknown state is the symptom but I can't find what is wrong.

Furthermore, I ran truss while printing and received a Err#131 ECONNRESET line
at about the time you would think its trying to go out and talk to the server.

Finally, I ran truss on lpstat and got the following curious line:

4278: access("/etc/lp/printers/ti/configuration", 0) Err#2 ENOENT
4278: time() = 958420797
printer ti unknown state. enabled since May 15 15:59 2000. available.
4278: write(1, " p r i n t e r t i u".., 70) = 70

It's my understanding that from the view of the client there should be no
/etc/lp/printers/xx/configuration file at all. The client simply shuffles the
job to the server. If this directory/file is supposed to exist why isn't the
lpadmin command nor the printmgr tool creating it?

Anyhelp would be appreciated.


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