SUMMARY: nesting automounter

Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 08:16:08 CDT


This is a foolish one I'm afraid, a case of RTFM if ever there was one and I'm not scared to hold my hand up and say it was me....

The answer was of course in the man page! Automounter doesn't like nesting mounts which come from the subdirectories, such as:


What I did in the end was to automount the /apps/fms directory instead of every other little dir underneath. This works. I.e. the map looks like this:

oracle brian:/export/s601/apps/&
fms brian:/export/s601/apps/&

This now works, what would have been nice is for automounter to traverse the subdir to find the dir to mount, such as /apps/fms/dans_stuff instead of having to mount /apps/fms

Oh well.

Thanks to all the responses!


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