From: Santimore, Matthew (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 14:45:36 CDT

Thanks to all for a speedy response.

The consensus is that the software and serial cable usually comes with the
UPS. And will gracefully (if done right) shut down a sparc.

Special thanks to following for providing cool links

Ross Lonstein
Iain Rae

original post

 Dear Sun GURUS,
> In the military we had UPS and VME chassis systems with solaris loaded
> on them.
> In the case of power failure, the ups would bring the box down nice
> and clean.
> This feature can be done on Sparc's right? I'm thinking so, but have
> never
> installed the smart part of the UPS with sparcs. Just plugged them
> into and if there
> was a power failure I brought the power down. Is there shareware that
> does
> the intelligent work? Doesn't the software come with the UPS?
> any enlightenment is greatly appreciated
> Thanks
> matt

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