Summary: E450s and UltraSPARC II 400?!

From: Toens Bueker (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 04:52:13 CDT

I asked:

> > from a Sun competitor I learned, that there are stability
> > problems with the new UltraSPARC cpus in (old) E450s.
> > Is that true? Can somebody confirm that rumour?

Thanks to all who answered. Nobody could confirm any
problems with 400/4 cpus in E450s.

I went back to the quoted competitor and asked for the
source of that information.

Obviously a Gartner Group bulletin from november '99 was
the source of that information. During a period of time in
'99 it seems there was an issue with 400 MHz cpus with 4
mb cache. Gartner suggested to ask Sun for a no cost
upgrade to 400 MHz / 8 mb cache cpus.


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