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Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 10:07:12 CDT

Thank you , as always to Casper

>Hi all,
>Does everybody tell me how can I know what Solaris release I have (like
>Solaris 2.6 5/98 ...) from the "Integrated in Release" field from documents
>on sunsolve (like s998u2_06,s81_03,s28_17, and so on)
>or how could I know what build release do I have?

/etc/release_info gives you a hint of what you have.

When we take the sXXX_YY apart, XXX is the internal release
designator; YY is the build number. "u2" is update two. (I.e., the
second HW MM/YY release after FCS).

The numbers are as follows:

s81 - Release after Solaris 8
s28 - Solaris 8
s998 - Solaris 7
s297 - Solaris 2.6
s596 - Solaris 2.5.1
s495 - Solaris 2.5
s494 - Solaris 2.4
s1093 - Solaris 2.3
s493 - Solaris 2.2

Prior to 2.2, symbolic names were used (phobos/jupiter, I believe)

You shouldn't infer any meaning from the numbers, even though
most look like dates (marketing/business decisions have a big influence
on schedules long after work on a release has started) and some look
like release numbers (again, marketing/business will have a final
say there)

My S8 system has this in /etc/release_info:

                   Solaris 8 s28_38shwp2 SPARC

"Solaris 8" is the marketing name; s28 is the internal release moniker;
38shwp2 was build 38 "and then some" (typically fixes to show stopper
bugs that cause a respin of the release)

s998u2_02 would be "Second hardware update of Solaris 7, build 6".

So when you install that hardware update, the bug will be fixed.
Similarly, when a bug is fixed in any build of s28, it is non existant
in Solaris 8.


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