From: Ryan Matteson (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 11:32:15 CDT

Hello folks, I learned the hard way that LUN 0 SHOULD not be deleted before
any other
lun as LUN mapping info is stored on LUN 0. I ended up fixing the problem by
calling Sun
and have attached the steps I used to fix the problem.


Original Post:

Hello folks, We just got our E10K and 2 A3500 modules installed. I tried to
delete the LUNs shipped from the factory so I could configure LUNS
for our needs. I went in through the RAID manager 6.22 GUI and clicked on
LUN and then clicked the trash can. This is on the first A3500 module, I
yet to touch the second A3500 module. I then went out and rebooted the
and now the domain hangs with the message:

ssd1 at sf0: name w200800a0b8068e49,3, bus address e0
ssd1 is /sbus@40,0/SUNW,socal@1,0/sf@0,0/ssd@w200800a0b8068e49,3
vendor 'symbios', product 'StorEdgeA3500FCd', (unknown capacity)

I cannot seem to figure out what has happened and what is going on. I cannot
bring the domain up to see if RAID manager caused any issues and am at a
loss as to what to do.

Thanks for any info anyone can offer.


1. If you had just balanced luns, a "boot -r" should be done to
   get the controller numbers to match.
2. If a reconfiguration reboot (boot -r) did not work,
   you must clean out the device paths manually...
   cd /dev/dsk ; rm -r c#*
                            # = the controller number of the
                                A1000/A3000/RSM200 disks
   cd /dev/rdsk ; rm -r c#* (same)
   cd /devices/pseudo ; rm -r rdnexus*
   boot -r

Also make sure your rdriver.conf file is intact mine had to be restored
from tape as it was truncated.

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