Summary: StoneBeat cluster s/w for firewalls

Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 04:40:39 CDT


I got 3 replies. Thanks to Mark Sowerby, Linuxmindcontrol & Ramindur Singh.

- I cannot see any reason for it not being used for any other firewall as it
is highly configurable, especially version 3.0 where you can specifywhat you
monitor.We are using it only for HA and not for load balancing.

- I have used it with firewall 1. Its a good product. Very reliable. Easy to
install also.

-I've used a product called RSF-1 with firewall 1and it works very well,
have a look at It isvery simple to set up and I
find it robust.

So it was 2 to 1 for Stone Beat and no complaints there.

Thanks again,

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>Sent: 09 May 2000 12:19
>Subject: StoneBeat cluster s/w for firewalls
>Hi all,
>Just a couple of questions to managers who have used StoneBeat or similar
>- What are your experiences with it like?
> - Is it easy to manage?
> - Is it reliable?
> - performance?
>- What firewall are you using in conjunction with it?
>I want to know if anyone has experience with StoneBeat on firewalls besides
>firewall-1 (like ip filter) and how well it works with them.
>Are there any other products out there that are similar...what are your
>experiences with them like?

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