Summary: Total net vs Samba

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Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 01:47:56 CDT

Wow this is wat i call response !

thanks for all the answers from u all. I have make´d a doc with a sort of
listing with your answers for samba and for TotalNet. If u see this list u
see the answer to the question Samba is the most popular smb software and
there are support for it also so why pay for somthing thats free.
Again thank´s to all that answerd !!

my favorite answer form all was :

The general impression I get is that Samba is far superior.
NB - HP, SGI have both adopted Samba (and it is rumoured IBM will soon),
and they all must have gone through an evaluation process and rejected
all the rivals (ie Syntax et al).

The Original Question was :

> I am up to make a desision on smb program for our Unix server. I have
> both Samba and Total net from syntax. I think both do a good job, but
> net has a cost of around 700$/year (+ a 1000$ to get the license) and
> is free. Does anybody out there has some sort of test (samba vs totalnet)
> recomendation witch product to use and what do i miss (exept support) if i
> go with the free samba !
> some info about the site
> Unix server: Spark 1000
> Clients: aprx 30 NT 4.0 ws
> requerments: Just NFS shares on our NT domain with login thru NT PDC (No
> login scripts or Printing)

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