Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 22:54:27 CDT

I recieved an insane amount of email all day in regards to the memo that I

The two comments I would like to make are:
1.thanks for all the feedback both positive and negative, I am glad so many
people found this to be useful information
2.the last people I want to make enemies with are fellow solaris unix
administrators, to anyone I offended I am sorry

Here is the list for anyone who did not get it due to format....alot of
people requested it, so many that I felt I had to republish it, some people
noted they do not have access to star here it is...

DBA Mailing Lists
SYBASE-L@LISTSERV.UCSB.EDU, with the single line in the
body of the note: SUBSCRIBE SYBASE-L firstname lastname
Miscellaneous Sybase lists...some traffic. Tech reports the best.
subscribed: inews-sybase-press, inews-system11, inews-datawarehouse,
**inews-technews-full is Sybase tech notes...very good.
body of "unsubscribe inews-system11 <> with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.

Sybase 11 tuning via sp_sysmon: DEAD...pablo killed list
subject: subscribe sybase-tuning emailaddr

Sqsh users email list: moved locations to
old: (external was misspelled in FAQ)
old: body: subscribe sqsh-users [optional e-mail address]

Trade system admin list
subscribe" in the body to:
Sybperl... for submissions for subscription requests, with
        subscribe sybperl-l in the body of the message.

Sybperl new releases/bug fixes only: low traffic, moderated by
Michael peppler (author/maintaner) for submissions for subscription requests.
This is be a very low traffic list to keep you up-to-date with sybase
related tools for perl.

Sybase over Linux
To subscribe just point your browser to

Sybase-Linux (same list?) with the content
subscribe sybase-linux

Oracle-L: Oracle DBA stuff
with subscribe oracledba
in the body of the mail.

The command is SUBSCRIBE PB-L FirstName LastName

Another powerbuilder list
To subscibe send a blank e-mail to

Business Objects: pseudo-moderated : Very detailed questions

Informix sysadmin list:

RedHat admin list (axp-list)
send "subscribe" to

Microsoft SQL Server (very active; >100 msgs/day)
avail through
MySQL admin list: busy busy list, no subject, body of subscribe mysql

Delphi list

Microsoft Access admin
send subscribe MS-ACCESS-L as
the body of the message to:

Kimball University (was at Virtualogic..) hand run list


Network Security Lists

HP Security list (ad-hoc...once ro twice/month) (old)
body of "Subscribe security_info"

Sun security alert (Mark Graff's list)
(subject; subscribe CWS emailaddr, body affiliation and contact info)
(not email s/w...processed by hand)

Computer Incident Advisory Capability: CIAC-BULLETIN, CIAC-NOTES

Cert Advisories: also on
(i think they all get bounced to bugtraq anyway)

Bugtraq: security information.
body of "SIGNOFF BUGTRAQ" (various security announcements)
body: subscribe alert (no subject)

Virus alert In the subject and body enter Subscribe

Best of Security mailing list: gets a lot of duplicates of other
security fact all it is is duplicates!, body of subscribe best-of-security

CAUCE; Coalition against Unsolicited Commercial Email (anti-Spam)

Firewall Tool Kit: "subscribe fwtk-users" in the body

HERT: or

NT Bugtraq with "SUB NTBUGTRAQ Your Name".,0&action=unfold
(bugtraq, vuln-dev & other security lists)

NT Security and in the text put "subscribe ntsecurity".

Sans Security digest
`subscribe' to <>.

SUN Patch Club Report:

SunSolve Early Notifier Alerts:

Tripwire admin

Traditional Sys Admin Lists

The AIX mailing list is located at: LISTSERV@PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU
To subscribe send a message with the following as the body: SUBSCRIBE AIX-L
<First Name> <Last Name>
To get information on the commands available send an email containing: INFO
REFCARD to the list server.
Look at the mailing lists at - several related to unix,
Programming etc. dedicated to Solaris x86.

Sun managers (lots of email, all through day); had to resubscribe with body of
"subscribe sun-managers" or "unsubscribe sun-managers".

Another list for sun is

The HP equivalent of Sun Managers
the HP UX equivalent to the Sun Managers list at:
FTP server
searchable archive at

other HP resources:
send a mail to with "subscribe hpux-admin" in the body
Archives: (Web, browse & search)
Try the unix-wiz listserv. It's not dedicated to HP only but it's a good one

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