SUMMARY: sendmail filtering and file locking

From: Jeff Pack (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 18:06:17 CDT

Hello managers,

Thanks to everyone who responded.

To summarize, two people, Mark Thomas and Joe Doetzl,
pointed out the script in the current
sendmail distribution that does what we want. Mark
even sent me his script that uses the script.

Thomas Wardman suggested using Exim (,
which we will look at as a long-term solution.

Josh Wyatt suggested using lsof in our perl script to
check for open files and Micha Arndt said that they
had implemented a similar system, but wanted to get
copies of our scripts, which I will send out later.

Our solution for now is to modify our perl code to
call to perform the actual transfer of
messages from the incoming queue to the outgoing

The original question:

> Hello all,
> In an attempt to eliminate all "vb[se]"
> attachments from incoming mail, one of my customers
> is running sendmail in queueing mode only (-odq) to
> queue messages to an incoming queue. Then, a perl
> script is run on the messages in the incoming queue
> to move all messages with said attachments to a
> quarantine area. The good messages are copied to an

> outbound queueing directory and sendmail is then run

> on the outbound queue to deliver only the clean
> messages.
> The problem that we are seeing is that
> occasionally we will end up with a zero length "qf"
> file and a normal "df" file in the outbound queue
> we get an error message via syslog:
> SYSERR: Cannot reopen dfXXXXXXX
> We believe that we are seeing a file locking
> problem when the perl script copies the good files
> from the inbound queue to the outbound queue. In
> perl code, we are checking for open files before
> processing them, but this may not be enough.
> This is sendmail 8.9.3 on Solaris 2.6. I don't
> have access to the Perl code right now, but I will
> glad to forward it to anyone who wants it. Any help
> would be appreciated.
> P.S.: This message fits the list policy under
> the "urgent" clause...thanks in advance.

Jeff Pack

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