SUMMARY: Routing

From: Chad Graham (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 14:29:53 CDT

Thanks to all who responded:

Jim Musso
Peter Teklinski
Chris Hastings
Chad Rytting
Matthew Stier

Everybody seemed to agree that the problem was within the /etc/netmasks
file. I went with some suggestions that I received from the list, but I
was told
by the vendor that they didnt want any more private addresses comming
their network. So throw all the configuration out and redo it with
addresses. All is working now and thanks again to everyone who responed.

Chad Graham
CDI Engineering


> Managers,
> Im having a routing problem that I cant get figured out.
> Machine A has a quad card:
> qfe0 -> 209.xx.xx.xx Web access
> qfe1 -> 172.17.xx.xx Internal Network
> qfe2 -> 10.10.2.xx DMZ
> qfe3 -> 10.10.4.xx Private T1 to vendor
> From machine A I can get to all segments (telnet, ftp, etc...) the
> problem is qfe3 will not traceroute to the router, but I can ping
> and telnet to it.
> Machine B (internal network) can get to the segments on
> qfe0, qfe1 and qfe2, but not qfe3. It seems like machine A is
> trying to route connections through the
> segement. Default route on this machine points to qfe1 on
> machine A.
> The routes on machine A are as follows:
> U 2 0 qfe2
> U 2 0 qfe3
> U 3 440 qfe1
> U 3 0 qfe1
> Default route on this machine points to the external nic. Our firewall

> is also running on this machine, but the firewall accepts the
> per the rule, so I dont think its a firewall issue.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Chad Graham
> CDI Engineering

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