summary: L280 tape drive

From: Pat Chanthavong (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 12:39:19 CDT

Hello everyone,

I have found and solved the problem by calling Sun for support:

to make data compression from unix command:

# ufsdump 0uf /dev/rmt/0ubn


# vxdump -0uf /dev/rmt/0ubn

that's it and it solved my problem.

Thanks! to everyone who responded...


attached mail follows:

Hello everyone,

I have a brand new L280 tape drive with 8 slots in it. I attached it
a UE3500 running OS 2.6 with Recommanded patches and left it with the
setting. I wrote a script to do the backup of about over 35Gb of data
to that L280
tape drive. I have two problems with it and need to be corrected:

1) When I run a script, the backup won't fit on one tape, it request to
load the
      second tape, but the tape drive won't unload the tape itself. I
have to unload
      it by hand. How do I make it unload the tape and load the next
one by itself
      with data compression?

     here is command I use to do the backup in the script:

      for ufs file systems:
     # ufsdump 0ucf /dev/rmt/0cbn

     for vxfs file systems:
    # vxdump -0ucf /dev/rmt/0cbn

2) When I try to set the compression from OFF (default) to ON and saved
     from the configuration menu on the drive, it won't stay ON, it
keep changing
     itself back to OFF. Even when I power cycle the tape drive.

Is anyone have some suggestions? Any patches for it? how do I make
the data compress, so that it will fit on one tape?

Thanks! in advanced...


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