SUMMARY: adding a second a1000

From: Erin Jones (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 10:03:33 CDT

Thanx to:
Kevin Colagio, David Evans, Arthur Darren Dunham, and

the general consensus was I would be much better served taking the machine
down. some people thought that I *might* get away w/ it but at the least
I/O would fail while the terminator was unplugged and I ran the risk of
corrupting the database. Not worth it. I have put the installation on hold
until we have a good time to reboot the machine.

as too the first question, after doing a full reconfigure boot raid manager
should find the array. I will post an addendum if I have any issues w/

thanx again.
Erin Jones wrote:
> hey all,
> I have a two part question. I have an a1000 up and running on my database
> machine. I have another running on another server but not being used. I
> need to move it over to my database machine . it is an e6500. the raid
> manager software 6.1.1 is installed on the 6500. it is running solaris
> 1) what do I have to do to get the raid manager software to recognized
> second a1000. will it find it when I plug it in and do a
> /usr/sbin/drvconfig?
> 2) the current a1000 is running a single ended wide scsi. to add the new
> one I will need to remove the terminiator. it will be briefly w/o a
> terminator. will this kill the drive? the database is running out of
> a1000 and I don't want to kill it B).
> I would very much like to do this w/o taking the machine down. is that an
> unrealistic hope? what risks am I running? any input would be

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