SUMMARY: fsck cant read a block

From: Sergio Edo. Miranda (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 09:58:00 CDT

The answer is:

You have to fsck the raw device (/dev/rdsk), not the block device (/dev/dsk)
If the fs > 2gb fsck probably break using /dev/dsk

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Original question:
> Hi
> I have this strange problem, that happens twice in two differents
> machines, both with Solaris 2.6
> The problem is:
> fsck /dev/dsk/<device>
> CANNOT SEEK: BLK <number>
> CANNOT READ: BLK <number>
> If analize with format it shows that the block is fine, if i try to
> explicit repair it says that the block is good.
> Again, fsck cant seek (the block number is the last super block backup
> that shows fsck -Nv)
> I did a newsfs /dev/dsk/<device> , it runs ok, but when i run fsck, the
> same error.
> If i run fsck /dev/rdsk/<device>, it runs fine without errors.
> I can manually mount the filesystem and is ok, but i still cant do a fsck
> /dev/dsk

Sergio Edo. Miranda
Grupo de Ingenieria - CEC
Universidad de Chile

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