SUMMARY:Problem with FTP access

Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 09:48:33 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my e-mail.

The solution was comment/remove the user root listed in the file /etc/ftpusers.

The consensus shared is that any valid user listed within this file won't have
permission to FTP the box.

Thanks again
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Subject: Problem with FTP access
Author: Joseph DiGiacomo
Date: 5/4/00 9:10 AM

Model: Ultra 10
Memory: 256mb
Processor Type & Speed: UltraSparc2 - 440mhz
OS: Solaris 8 Desktop

I recently got most of my NIC card issues resolved thanks to this great mailing

Currently, I can't FTP into my Sun Box.

The following error occurs, when FTPing either from the Sun box itself or from
another workstation( ex. Win95):

Connected to
220 psnycit FTP server (SunOS 5.8) ready.
Name ( root
331 Password required for root.
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.

Initially, I wasn't able to telnet into the box until I commented out the
following line in the 'login' file located in '/etc/default' :

# If CONSOLE is set, root can only login on that device.
# Comment this line out to allow remote login by root.
#CONSOLE=/dev/console Commented out by JFD 05/02/2000

When telneting to the Sun box, I login in as root and use the root password.
Don't understand why it doesn't when FTPing.

Is there a similar fix to solve my FTP problem?


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