From: Todd Boss (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 09:31:00 CDT

Orig Question:

> I have /bin/tcsh set as my login shell. Recently, without having made
> any changes to my ~.login or .cshrc i've been getting this error message
> upon login:
> SunOS 5.6
> login: tboss
> Password:
> Last login: Tue May 2 11:09:25 from client-141-156-6
> REMOTEHOST: Undefined variable.

Thanks to :
Fabrice Guerini
Dan Brown:
Matthew Stier:
David Evans:
Imre Kolos:
Scott Yelich:
Casper Dik:

When i do a strings on wtmpx and grep for my hostname, i notice
that, unlike other hostnames in this file (since according to Casper
this is where REMOTEHOST gets set) mine reads:

Now, you can make a variable assignment with the (&) ampersand
character, but not unless you enclose the entire hostname in
quotes. As you may imagine, if you just try to
set REMOTEHOST = & (without quotes)
the command fails. (Note; when i log in from a different hostname,
everything works just fine).

i'm guessing that the existance of this "&" character is causing the
REMOTEHOST assignment to fail, which then causes /etc/.login to fail,
which then prevents any of my startup scripts to execute. I don't really
have a fix...i've just created a hand-run startup script to manually
set this variable and then run all the tcsh startup scripts in order.


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