SUMMARY: cpu usage restriction / xbm core dump

From: Baurjan Ismagulov (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 13:12:46 CDT


thanks to:
        Wallie Leung
        Kevin Sheehan
        Singh Adrian A
        Mike Evans
        Birger Wathne
for their time.

to summarize:
1. seems to be no such a tunable limiting cpu usage
percentage. srm does install its own scheduler.
temporary solutions include process time limitation
and manual priority setting.
2. no easy solution, needs more investigation.

with best regards,

original posting follows:
> i've got a couple of urgent problems with a contract
> customer. i was unable to find the answer in various
> docs / faqs / sunsolve. i will summarize.
> 1. the customer is developing software using a
> e3000 (solaris 2.6). sometimes some users execute a
> cpu-intensive code, using about 100% of the cpu
> available. the sysadmin wishes to restrict the cpu
> usage so that no one user can exceed, say, 50% of
> usage. i have some doubts whether there is such a
> tunable (at least in terms of cpu usage percentage),
> but i have to solve the problem in any possible way
> (probably restricting the cpu time?) or state that
> can't be done. i heard solaris resource manager 1.1
> does does this. does it use a separate kernel module
> to achieve that or it is available in "plain"
> kernel?
> 2. the user tries to place an xbm to a button
> (workshop 5 on solaris 7). the program compiles
> but dumps core on execution. xpm's work fine. i'm
> trying to find out what is the source of the problem
> -- X, motif compiler, or user code. are there any
> known bugs regarding this issue? i've installed
> 107081-11 (motif patch), and am going to install 7
> latest Xsun patches.

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