SUMMARY: Installing Solaris 7 on Sparc-10 ???? "End user System"

From: German, Vinnie (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 10:51:52 CDT

Special thanks to those who tried helping me mostly eveybody pointed
to an SCSI id related problem or a cable related problem but it was none
of those.


What I endup doing was re-installing Solaris 7 again -BUT this time I
"Entire Distribuition" which is 964MB which let me with not much space left
but I got what I wanted to which was to add two extra hard disk 9gigs each.

Before I was just installed the "End User System" it seems like something
being left out on this installation which was preventing me from archiving
was I need it.

Thanks all again,




I had installed Solaris 7 on a Sparc-10 and it went thru Ok. The internal
disk is a 1gig and
because of this I could not afford to load the whole Solaris 7 as I always
do But instead
I was force to just load the "End User system".

Here is my problem:

I'm attaching to external disk to this machine and I had done "boot -r"
several times already
and the system do not see the external disks. However I was able to attach
a CDROM to install
Solaris from the biginning and that worked fine. To isolate a cable problem
I decided to attach only
one external disk and use the same cable I used on the CDROM to install
solaris7 and still "boot -r"
does not add my external disk. What is happening here?

Your idea and comments will be very appreciated?


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