[partial] SUMMARY: Virus Scanning non-unix files in Solaris?

From: rsaddler@cccis.com
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 16:00:15 CDT

STOP! :)

Due to the overwhelming responses (including phone calls - looks like this
is not a unique situation!) we're going to implement Samba and share out
the partitions and scan with software on an NT server.

I'll post a more detailed summary of the various thoughts and solutions,
after things quiet down and I get some spare cycles.

THANKS so much to everyone who replied - I'll make sure everyone is
mentioned in the credits of the formal summary.

Original plea:

>I have a business REQUIREMENT to scan hundreds, if not thousands of image
>files to GUARANTEE one of our clients that there are no virus's in our
>image library. (they are refusing to exchange *any* data after yesterdays
>!#$^%$%@ ILY virus)
>The question is not whether there is a risk to our Solaris servers,
>to scan the files and validate that they are clean, and will not carry a
>virus back out to a non-Solaris environment.
>We've a team of people copying all the files to a Win* server and will run
>our standard virus detection software, but the question now exists by my
>management to find out what is available in the *nix world to perform the
>same functionality, /on/ the *nix boxes.
>Soooooooo, the question is: does anybody know if such a beastie exists,
>how to obtain said animal?

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