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Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 13:58:58 CDT

Thanks for all the great responses. Theres a beer for you in Los Angeles.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- says:

You've got a few choices - modify the console server (if it can be),
modify the Sun. We have all we have found on the subject at: and suggest using cisco routers as console machines (dang, you guys must have lots of cash :)).

several others suggested using "kbd -a disable" or to edit the /etc/default/kbd to have the line KEYBOARD_ABORT=disable present. and say: says, in regards to the hardware solution:

I can't recall the part number.. but i do recall that this item is sold by
If you dig @ --> sun --> howto disable break...
you should be able to come up with the part number. seems to contradict some of the other posts with:

HW is not a solution. The "null character" you refer to is a long
BREAK, which is simply the TX line held low for > 250 ms. I doubt any
hardware mod that did that would allow useful communication.
Sun has patches for 2.6 and 7 that allow the console interrupt to be
moved from a simple BREAK to a more complex three character sequence.
This sequence is unlikely to be generated by a terminal server being
powered off.
You could install them on all your machines. That should retain your
ability to halt the machine while hopefully limiting the chance of
accidental stoppages. says:

I am currently using Lantronix LRS32F remote access servers, which do not pass
along any signals on power downs. Each port can also be configured to allow the
telnet send brk sequence to be sent to the attached sun

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