SUMMARY: Don't Want To /export

From: Vince Sabio (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 00:55:32 CDT

Well, I said it was dumb. Here I was trying to screw around with NFS,
and NFS had nothing to do with it.

Solution, with thanks to Nathan Dietsch and Arthur Darren Dunham, is:

# umount /export/home
<change /export/home to /lyris in /etc/vfstab>
# mkdir /lyris
# mount /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s7 /lyris

The partition was never exported in the first place.

On the brighter side, at least I haven't broken anything yet.

Yet. <g>


** Sometime around 00:08 -0400 05/05/2000, Vince Sabio sent us:

>Dumb question number 86917 ...
>I have a 1.3-gig drive and a 15-gig drive in my Ultra-1's internal
>drive bays. I installed Solaris 8 on the 1.3-gig drive, and wish to
>dedicate the entire 15-gig drive to my list server (Lyris) and its
>archives, et al.
>Problem is, the installation has apparently NFS mounted my 15-gig
>drive as /export/home. I've tried screwing around with fstab,
>unmounting and remounting the drive, etc., but to no avail. I don't
>want to export the drive, I just want to mount it locally and put my
>/lyris partition on it.
>As always, assistance in cranio-rectal extraction will be greatly appreciated.
>Speaking of great appreciation, I will summarize the [numerous]
>responses to my ssh2 question as soon as I have a functional ssh2
>server running. The short answer to the question is
><> -- or .com, looks to be pretty much the same
>-- but I recall that there were some tricks in getting it running on
>OS X Server (just about the single quirkiest Unix in the history of
>the universe), so I'll summarize the entire drama once it has played
>itself out. Act I ended with my having to get a gcc binary, since
>Sol8 apparently doesn't come with _any_ C compiler. (Is that even
>legal?) The short answer for anyone looking for a Solaris 8 gcc
>binary is <>, which leads
>to <>.
>Thanks, as always. <g>
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