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Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 19:21:44 CDT

Thanks to Jason Shatzkamer, Claude Charest, Hap Hinrichs, Michael Sullivan, Waghode Sanjay, Peter Keating for their comments. Also to Andrew Kyle and Dennis Mellican for their innovative thoughts.

Most suggested options to lp , or to use postprint. My problem was that the actual print command was embedded in an application program over which I had no control. I needed to change the filter so that that particular queue always printed landscape (easy in the 4.1 printcap).

Peter Keating set me on the right track by referring to a "compressed" option. Sure enough, in the file in /etc/lp/interfaces/model.config that I was modifying, I set the "pitch" value to be "c" for compressed. Together with increasing the line count to 68, (and all the other values that I had changed previously), this has worked.

Thanks to all who took the time.


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  Solaris 2.6, various HP laserjets, jetadmin software.

  I am attempting to set up a print queue that prints in landscape mode, with 132+ chars per line and 66 lines per page. I read an earlier archived summary and have been able to print landscape with 132+ chars, but cannot seem to get 66 lines. I can get 65, but I either chop off the first line or the 66th, depending on how I modify the margins.

  Based on what I read, I modified the file in /etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig that corresponded to the queue I had set up with jetadmin. I am guessing that I am erring in either the number of lines to print, or the margins. Changing the pitch size shrinks the chars but does not alter the number of lines that are printed.

  I also get slightly different formatting between an HPLJ4 and an HPLJ4000 (which shows up as a net_ljx000 in the interface file)

  Can anyone help me with the output of an interface file which will allow me to print 66 lines to either one of these laser printers?


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