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From: Sun Burnt (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 15:41:58 CDT

Thanks for all your time and patience. There are too many to list here
individually. I thought I would take a vote count.

1) /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/prtdiag (13 votes)
A native command. Shows info about the processor type and speed, frequency ,
memory size of each cpu. Best results use the -v option. However this is
available only with sun4u architectures and newer. Not available on sun4c or

2) sysinfo (8 votes)
This is a utility command that can be downloaded from
There is a license to be purchased if you do not qualify as an educational
institution. This one looks very good and is just what I was looking for.
The $10 license fee is cheap enough for the info that it churns out. There
is a very old version of it available freely at
Look in the Solaris 2.5.1 section.

3) memconf (5 votes)
Another public utility script (perl) freely available at
This one also details the layout of you simm modules. A popular one.

Other commands/utilities that had mention were:
psrinfo, dmesg, memconf, Symon, prtconf, sysdef format, memtool. Sysinfo
seems to get my vote. Thanks for all your responses.


This was my query:
>I did a quick search thru the archives for this but was not able to pull up
>a satisfactory result. I'm sorry if at all this has been posted before.
>Is there a single command/utility priced/free/or otherwise available which
>will give me a fairly accurate description of my Solaris box aka memory,
>cpu, clock speed, simm module layout,etc, etc, etc. In short a near
>summary of system info.
>Another question is , on my ultra-10 an uname -a gives me SUNW,Ultra-5_10.
>Does this mean ultra-5 or Ultra-10? What does the 5 stand for. How can I
>ascertain this thru a command. Sorry if I sound like a novice. But you get
>stumped like this after years of experience - I'm sure.
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