SUMMARY - Oracle 8i installer on top of a Solaris base install

From: Francois Marcos (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 09:28:36 CDT

Hi Managers,

This is not actually a real summary as there was no question previously posted to the list, but it's just some
information others might (hopefully) find usefull.

I've a server on a remote site and this machine has been installed with a striped down version of Solaris. The
machine has no frame buffer and X has not been installed at all.

We wanted to do a silent or text based install of Oracle on this machine. Starting with Oracle 8, the
installer is a java application which can process a so called "reponse file" to do automated installations.

When we fired the installer, even with a response file, it started complaining about missing, etc...

After ldd'ing and truss'ing around, we've identified the minimum set of packages you need to add on top of a
Solaris base install:

- SUNWxwplt
- SUNWxwice
- SUNWscpu
- SUNWxwrtl

The last is not really mandatory if you set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH properly, it's just a set of symbolink links.

I hope this could help.


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