SUMMARY:Solaris 8 Desktop Installation difficulty

Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 10:10:12 CDT

Special thanks to: Robert Hayne <>
                Vince Sabio <>

Robert's reply aided in solving my network connectivity problem. Using
'sys-unconfig' command allowed me to reconfigure the Sun built-in ethernet
port(hme0) from scratch. It basically removed the whole network configuration
and stepped me through the setup questions again. Once this was completed, my
Sun box was able to access our network and all its resources.

Reading Vince's dilemma with DNS, I was able resolve that problem as well ).
Now my Sun box can access the Internet too :)

Thanks again.

Lastly, this mailing list is a great resource.


You have two options

1. sys-unconfig : This will clear all host/name/time etc settings and on
reboot you can set them up again.

2. Create a hostname.hme0 (if that is your interface) and put a name in it.
Then adjust the /etc/inet/hosts file to put an IP and name in then reboot .

Check man ifconfig for exact syntax for both commands




The solution to this was pretty simple: I needed to ensure that the /etc/nsswitch.conf file had a hosts: line that looked like this:

hosts: files dns

I made the change, and everything's singing right along.

Thanks are due to Hicham, Casper, Edwin, Michael, and Dan. As others have pointed out, this list really is terrific.

- Vince


Here's what worked: At the suggestions of several people, I simply told the installer that I was not using DNS (I selected "none" -- i.e., no name service at all), and the installation proceeded without a hitch.

I had also [previously] tried a suggestion of using a DNS IP number that was within the same subnet as the machine's IP number, but that didn't work.

Following installation, I created the /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/defaultrouter files, and things seem to be functioning fine (or at least nslookup is functioning fine).

I would love to individually list everyone who contributed suggestions, but the list is as long as my arm. I do wish to thank everyone who helped out, though -- including Jason Magouirk, who had the most detailed information, and deserves a special thanks for the extra effort.

Thanks again to everyone who responded. An UltraSparc is much more productive when it has an OS installed on it. <g>

- Vince

________________________________________________________________________________ ___________

I have the following Sun System:

Model: Ultra 10 Memory: 256mb HD: 9GB Processor Type & Speed: UltraSparc2 - 440mhz

It came preinstalled with Solaris 7 3/99 desktop OS & Solaris 8 desktop OS. Upon initial bootup, I had to choose one.

I picked Solaris 8.

I provided all the necessary information for setting it up as a networked workstation. When it came to the part of the installation to select all my configuration setting. The installation kept on complaining that it couldn't proceed due some incorrect entry. I checked and rechecked my setting and still it would present that message.

By process of elimination, I found that answering 'N' to "Is the system on a network" option allowed me to continue the installation process. Why I had to do this I don't know.

Installation process proceeded & completed successfully. The system boots up into Solaris 8. I am able to login successfully.

Rather than reinstalling Solaris 8 again, is there a way to easily configure network devices via Common Desktop interface/Open Windows or do I need to some commands at the console level?

Assistance would be greatly appreciated and also a possible explanation why it failed to configure in the first place? Are there any known installation issues between an Sun Ultra 10 and Solaris 8?


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