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From: Christopher L. Barnard (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 09:27:01 CDT

I originally asked:

> I am looking for very specific patches, since I have to build a patch cluster
> that has specific revision numbers of patches. I have a lot of them, but I
> am missing a few sunsolve CDs so I couldn't get them all. I searched the
> archives and visited patch repositories that I could think of, but I have
> been unable to find a repository of *old* patches; I have only found the
> most current. Does anyone know if a repository exists of old patches?
> This is for Solaris 2.6, btw.

My semi-summary:

> there does not appear to be a complete repository. Many people suggested
>, for which I got lots of hits, but they all appear to be
> current sun patch mirrors. Several people suggested sunsolve online. Just
> to inform anyone who doesn't know, most archives (including sunsolve) only
> have the most recent revision of a patch. One site in Germany,
>, was promising but did not work. They archive old
> patches, but I did not see these four.
> If anyone has these, my list of patches needed is down to just four:
> 105426-04
> 105594-03
> 106621-01
> 106622-01
> if anyone knows where I can find or if anyone has these and would like to
> share them I would be very very grateful.

final summary:

I have them all. Thanks to several people who figured out that the four
listed patches don't exist. I rechecked and these were in fact typos. When
you have 154 patches to list, one is entitled to make a few mistakes. Yes I
do have a sunsolve contract, so I could get the old patches from Sun, but I
wanted to put a summary online that points to an ftp site for those that do
not have a Sunsolve contract.

is a wonderful site. They archive old patches, and they are available via
anonymous ftp. Every patch that I still needed I found there. When one
knows what patches are needed, this is even easier than sunsolve cds.

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