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Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 21:43:13 CDT

Thanx to :

Kristian Forde, Karl Vogel, James Ford, and
 Roger Klorese.( Who after showing his response to certain "embarrassed"
mangers, Gladly put together a order for Sendmail 8.10)

Here is my original posting:

Hello all:
> We are trying to configure sendmail on Solaris 2.6. We have purchased
> Sendmail Pro, It's a little to expensive for our taste, but we do like
> the GUI interface to the configuration and running of sendmail. Does
> anyone have any sugestions as to another package. Or have a eaiser way
to configure sendmail?

Reply's :



Try Exim! We used to run sendmail.....

Compiling is easy, configuring is EASY - one configuration file with
everything needed (not more). We're running exim on solaris 2.6 and 7, but
are moving to Debian Linux for
both intel and sparc (to have just one platform). Exim is a part of the
Debian distribution (and also imp webmail - no compiling needed :) ).


   I don't trust sendmail as far as security is concerned. I'd recommend
   qmail instead. Blurb is below.( I can forward info on upon request)


Create a MC file - make changes to that file, then generate your CF file
by typing:

$ m4 >

And the one that got the most results

$99 (current price) is expensive?

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