Summary: Whistling Sun E450...

From: Dan Penrod (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 15:44:33 CDT

One word... DOH!!!

Let me first say thanks for all of the great responses. They were
many and varied. ...including the suggestion that maybe someone's
pager fell inside the chassis. :) And they were all wrong... as well
they should have been... now that I know the answer.

After I put the server on the shelf and powered it up... the whistling
immediately started. When I turned the box off... the whistling
stopped... turned it back on... whistling. The high pitch of the
sound and resonate qualities of the server room made it hard to
determine the local source of the noise.

Mounted in the rack, almost on the floor, directly under the server
is a small APC UPS. Plugging the server in pushed the UPS above
it's load capacity... setting off a steady high pitched alert. Sort of
a ventriloquist effect (except I was the dummy). :)


Thanks to the following admin's for their creative and generous

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...and of course all those admins that reply the second I hit the send button.


Dan Penrod wrote:

> It's whistling sort of a high C. A real high, annoying pitch that slowly wears on your nerves driving you to eventual madness. Started after relocating the server onto a shelf and powering back up. The server started up perfectly without errors or warnings. The sound doesn't seem to be coming from any of the drives in the front of the chassis (it's quieter when I listen to the front) and I know it's not either of the 2 power supplies in the back (I pulled them each out one at a time while it was running). Seems to be coming from the space between the disk array chassis and the power supplies. Powering down and up again didn't help. > > Anyone else ever have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it? Think it's the kind of thing covered under Sun support or should I expect little support if the server's running fine. It's a real mission critical server... besides the annoyance I'm really worried it's prophesizing a near future failure. > > Thoughts, opinions, and suggestions welcome. > > Thanks, > - d a n

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