Summary: Password Aging

From: Mark Hargrave (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 13:40:36 CDT


- Check out Guardian at:

- Bruce R. Zimmer" <> has a perl program that will
  keep people out and force the users to change their password. Contact
  him if you want a copy of the program.

- (does not work with NIS)

- Some people recommended NIS+, but I'm not sure it will do everything I need.
  I found that NIS+ was very hard to work with when I tested it out several
  years ago.

- Try this site : (I don't believe
  this works with NIS)

My Comments:
I'm currently testing out a demo copy of "Guardian". So far, I like the
product very much. It looks like it will do everything that our company
is requiring me to implement. DLI has been very helpful in helping me
test it and answer question by email.

The cost will vary depending on the no. of users that login.

Guardian Server Software License $800.00 per server
Guardian User License $53.00 / user

If you you have a NIS configuration with 1 master and 2 slave masters, and
125 users:

3 X 800 = $2400
125 users X $53.00 = $6,625.00

Total cost is $9,025.00

For more information, contact: F. David Callison Jr. <>

Special thanks to all of the replies!



Mark Hargrave, Sr. Unix Systems Manager
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. - Michoud Operations
New Orleans, LA


Original problem/question:
> I'm currently using NIS to control user accounts. I would
> like to start looking at options to implement "password aging"
> at our site.
> I believe that NIS does not have this capability. Does anyone
> know if Sun will eventually incorporate this into NIS in the future?
> Is anyone using other types of programs for "password aging"?

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