SUMMARY: System Date Rollback: Necessary to Re-Install Solaris

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 12:52:19 CDT

Numerous feedbacks.

- Generally no need to re-install as long as the numerous post-dated files
will pose no problems to apps
- Care must be taken on licenses of apps, logfile handling, etc.
- Many suggested doing a 'touch' on postdated files, NULLing the admin log
files /var/adm/*tmpx..

I forgot the name of the person who suggested a 3-way mirror of the
OS/system disk. A very brilliant approach - break the third mirror prior to
date changes, save this disk and work off the two remaining members of the
mirror. Once tests are done, re-attach the saved mirror, devalias to this
disk as the boot disk and boot off this disk, overwrite the other two
members used in tests and re-establish the mirrors.

Thanks a lot!


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> Subject: System Date Rollback: Necessary to Re-Install Solaris
> Hi revered gurus,
> we've been advised by SUN that everytime we need to roll back the system
> date, we *must* re-install Solaris as some strange things may happen.
> we've a couple of servers that due to development and Y2K tests have their
> system dates rolled beyond the current date - well beyond 2004 for that
> matter. evrytime we rollback the date to current date, we re-install the
> OS. my question is - is this really necessary? I was thinking maybe just
> inititialising the *wtmpx, *utmpx and using "sys-unconfig" will be enough.
> Inputs, insights will be appreciated...
> Thanks.
> Nelson Caparroso

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