SUMMARY: howto get gcc to compile 64bit on Solaris

From: Hanson, Mark (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 13:59:55 CDT

Thanks to all who replied. I received the following responses:

sparcv9 isn't supported, but I got 2.95.1 running and used it to get
2.95.2 running. It makes things like drivers okay, but I am told that
point might be a problem...

No. To do this you must install the ecgs compiler snapshot (beta at best).
You can find this at I found it in the Solaris 8
section, there should be a Solaris 7 prepackaged binary also.

It's very problematic, if not impossible, with 2.95.2. What works
for me is gcc-2.96, the development branch. Just get latest CVS sources,
or latest snapshot from, and bootstrap
on your 2.7 machine. Then, you'll be able to use gcc -m64 to build 64bit

It is not possible.

I believe it is possible though not directly, I have not tried it but when I
posed a similar question in this list some time back I got a reply from
someone who claimed he did it after making a few difficult changes. He
however did not mention the changes. The documentation clearly states that
it is not possible yet.

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